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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Blooming Daffodills in Cockeysville mean....

...Quill Gordons! Expect to see these early May Flies mid-afternoons, between 1 and 2 o'clock and a continued yet sporadic hatch for a few hours each day for the next few weeks. This hatch on the Gunpowder is not heavy, and much like the stoneflies, will not bring every trout in the river to the surface as the Sulphur seems to. Still it is worth watching closely for fish working these bugs and even using a size #12 or #14 Quill Gordon (or adams)as a searching pattern. Like the stone it's never non stop dry fly action's fun and effective. A dark hares ear nymph is a very good imitation of this fly and can also bring very good results. A soft hackle hares ear is even a better choice. Often the Little Blue Quill is hatching at the same time. A little observation before starting your fishing can lead to more productive days on the stream. The Little blue is similar to the Gordon but as it's name tells us it's a smaller bug usually around size #18 with habits similar to it's larger cousin.

Don't box you stone flies for the year yet but, keep an open eye for these first may flies!

Folks, Daffodils mean spring is here, and the Quill Gordon. If you are interested in more information on how your garden, or the wildflowers along the stream can tell you what hatch to expect stop in and we'll be glad to show you.

Tight Lines,

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Another Gully Washer

After this weeks lovely weather *chuckle* the Gunpowder and other local creeks are dropping and clearing fast. The coming week should bring some good fishing with midges, stone flys, and attractor nymphs and streamers all worth a try. Drop in and see our versions of the "Go To" nymphs one of our tyers just dropped off....sure killers!

Tight Lines,


Thursday, March 15, 2007


Lots of reports today

Fisherman were out in force today and we thank all that stopped by the shop or e-mailed their reports. Stoneflies skittered on top took a few fish, as did good old hare's ear wets. One of the more successful Gunpowder reports came from a friend of Great Feathers using his favorite Clouser Minnow.

From Hunting Creek, the fishing was difficult with few fish showing but enough fell to soft hackles and nymphs to make for a nice day.

As for the weekend....well the weatherman is not on our side, so we'll see. Sounds like a good weekend to tie flies for next week and the hatches to come. Stop on in and learn some new patterns or brush up on some old ones....I hope to be at the vise Saturday and Sunday tying Spiders (soft hackles) and flymphs...think the dry stone fly bins are low so I'll be doing some of my simple Gunpowder Stones which, with all due modesty, are still the most productive I've fished in the last 20 years.
Tight Lines,

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Fish were working midges today in a flow of 100cfs. The forecast is for rain and a day or maybe two of mild weather before another cold front. If the rain colors or raises the stream a bit fish nymphs such as Zug Bugs, Go To's, Brassies, and always black hare's ears this time of year. Copper John's and Hellgramite's are also a good bet. If "small" doesn't work for you don't be shy going with BIG nymphs in discolored or deep water.

We got a fresh shipment today of lovely Whiting hen necks for soft hackle tyers...we also have a full array of Bob's Hackle with some great colored hen necks. We also got more of the fast selling Pro Grade Whiting dry fly necks. Veniard came today, we were able to get a few more pairs of Snipe and English grouse wings, and we still have a nice selection of Cookshill with Golden Plover and Waterhen skins due soon. I suggest you stop in or call to reserve your plover and waterhen as they are VERY hard to resource and won't last long.

Tight Lines,

Sunday, March 11, 2007


A Taste of Spring?

Sure feels like it. The river is running steady and clear @113 cfs at the Falls Rd. station. Nymphs like black stones, P.T's, Zug Bugs and my favorite a blck hare's ear VERY fuzzy for lots of movement will be the go to flies. Soft Hackles (spiders) and flymphs are especially deadly always . Dry fly action to the little blacks has never been great over the past 20 some odd years regardless of what you hear but a few fish can be taken skittering a good pattern across slower pools and shallow riffles. Always fun... stop in to see the "right" bugs to do this technique.

Remember, a soft delicate cast and a light tippet protected by a soft rod is always an advantage when the water is cold and the fish are in the shallows.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


It's freezing today but........

The weekend promises to be much warmer, though a bit damp. Put on your raingear and hit the should be in near perfect shape.

Featherwing Streamers such as grey Ghosts and Matukas, Soft Hackles, and Stonefly Nymphs tied very fuzzy will be good choices, as will midges closer to the dam. Stop in the shop and ask Mike about the Black Stonefly Flymph. A simple tie and VERY effective. We will be starting our weekend fly tying seminars and demo's very soon. Keep an eye out for times and dates.

Tight Lines and Bright Flies!

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Grab your rods!

The river has dropped to 360 cfs at falls road and the fishing could be quite decent today. Think big streamers, soft hackles, or buggy nymphs with lots of movement. Other local wild trout creeks are looking much better this morning also and are always worth a shot.

Quick shameless plug for the shop....if you haven't been in lately you're in for a lot of pleasant surprises....Cookshill, Gaelic Supreme, Veniards tying products...McFarland Rods (we are the first shop in the country to carry the rods the "other makers" only wish they could make. Drop in and see what the buzz is all about. Also, besides the LARGEST inventory of tying materials in the area our tyers are working overtime to supply you with the BEST selection of flies too! New patterns, time tested on local waters, are being added to the bins daily...did I mention we hasve the largest supply of terminal tackle and tying tools in the mid-Atlantic?  Interested in tying flies?  We have the best selection of fly tying feathers and a variety of fly tying materials at Great Feathers.
Tight Lines,

Saturday, March 3, 2007


High and Muddy

The Gunpowder is dropping fast but still unfishable. A couple days and things should be good.


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