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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Stream Conditions-August 29th, 2009

The conditions as of this morning are extreme! Falls Rd. and Glencoe gauges are very high at 1610cfs and 2620cfs, respectively. These are flood stages and are extremely dangerous to be in, but certainly captivating to see.

The excessive rains that we have had over the last week have swelled all of the local stream and Prettyboy to higher level than have been seen in a while. The view from most vantage points is impressive, but the temptation to be in the water should be avoided. There are vast numbers of logs and other debris that are moving at great speeds that can cause serious injury. The levels were even with the Masemore parking lot, and over the road at Glencoe Rd. Photos were taken at Glencoe Rd.

The river is receeding but will take several days to get to safe levels for wading and other activities. Please use great caution and check the levels via the links on the home page of this site or call the store, 410-472-6799, to determine when levels get closer to fishable.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Stream Conditions-August 24th, 2009

As of this morning, the flow at Falls Rd. was 31cfs and the temperature was approx. 60 degrees. At Glencoe Rd., the flow was 76 cfs and the temperature was 66 degrees.

The flow has remained constant from the dam for the last ten days. The jumps in flow have been stopped and the only factors effecting the river has been the weather. Last weeks storms have pushed water higher in the lower sections but the northern section has remained steady. If the pop-up storms do come in, expect the lower river to get off color due to run-off. The waters have relaxed very quickly and overall has not greatly changed the fishing.

There has been interesting bug activity lately. A few days ago, slate drakes were seen spinning in the late evening. This is an uncommon sight in the Gunpowder and was quite a spectacle. Fishing these monsters is unpredictable and hard to find. The other hatch of note was a massive flying ant hatch on the lower river. The water was pocked by fish rising to the countless numbers of ants falling and collecting in the eddies. Every fish in the river was rising to the vast swarms of bugs. This is very isolated but covered a large stretch near Glencoe Rd. Seemingly any fly that hit the water was risen to.

Patterns that continue to work very well are terrestrials. Fish are very aware of any bugs falling off the banks and off of low-hanging branches. Caddis and pheasant tails are also working well. Using a terrestrials or caddis as a strike indicator with a dropper is a great way to go.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Stream Conditions-August 13th, 2009

As of today, conditions are 33cfs and 61 degrees at Falls Rd. and 85cfs and 67 degrees at Glencoe Rd.

The conditions have remained consistant for the past weeks with the exception of the fluctuations. The pattern dictates around 32cfs during the weekdays and around 115cfs on the weekends in the northern section. At 6pm on Friday evenings, the flow will increase rapidly and consequentially get colder and off color. The water will relax relatively quickly overnight and will fish easier. When the water comes up and turns dingy, streamers will work better as well as nymphs and wets. When it clears, dries will be more effective. Terrestrials are the best bets around the edges. Caddis, tan and olive, and olives have been successful.

During the week when the flows abate, fish will be spookier and more trying. Tricos are still coming off in the late evenings and the spinners will descend when the tree-tops warm with the sun in the mornings. Terrestrials and caddis prove to be the most productive on the surface. Pheasant tails, copper johns and caddis pupa work well when nymphing. Trailing wets, grouse and herl, partridge and green, and other caddis representations, will increase your odds on droppers. Ants as a dropper are great choice as well.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Stream Conditions- August 2nd, 2009

The Gunpowder has gone through some changes due to rain and releases on on the weekends. As of this morning, Falls Rd. guage is flowing at 115cfs and the tempature is hovering near 60 degrees. At Glencoe Rd., flows are 182 cfs and 66 degrees.

Recent heavy rains have definately had an impact on the lower river. Runoff has dirtied the waters and clarity will be off as long as the storms persist. The flows have been boosted on the weekends which initially will cloud the water in the upper sections temporarily. The increase also brought the temps down. This helps the fishing, but if the pattern continues the flow will be cut back Sunday evening or Monday morning. Mid week flows have been staying around 30cfs which will make fishing more technical and put greater emphasis on presentation.

Tricos have been falling in the early morning usually ending no later than 9:30am. When the sun warms the tree tops, this prompts the spinner fall. Sizes 20 through 24 are the best and the takes will be subtle. Caddis in olive and tan, sizes 16 to 20, are still the best for the rest of the time. Terrestrials are a great bet along the banks and over hangs. Black ants from 14 to 18, beetles, and chernobyl ants have produced results. Streamers work best in the dingy water conditions and use colors that are great contrast to the water color.


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