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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Stream Conditions-June24th, 2009

The Gunpowder is fishing well in spite of the radical changes in flows and temps. Parkton flow is 34cfs and the temp is 61 degrees. At Glencoe, the flow is 91cfs and the temp is 69 degrees.
The flows have being changing seemingly every other day. The temps have changed 18 degrees and the flows have been great and gone to skinny. In spite of all of the disparity, the fishing has been good. There continue to be hatches and spinner falls of sulphurs, now in the 16 to 20 range, green and tan caddis and pleanty of grey, cream and dark midges. The fish are more skiddish due to the thin water, but are being responsive. Long leaders, 10 to 14 feet, are best when the conditions are present. Be stealthy as the fish are verrry spooky. Pick your holes and runs depending on the depth of the water. It may be frustratingb ut there are great opportunities to catch fish.
As seen in the pics, there are great fish and bigger bait sources on the lower river as well. Use your steamers and bigger patterns in the dead falls and the deep water. Terrestrial season is almost upon us and the fish are already going for drowned as well as dry ants.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Stream Conditions- June17th, 2009

The conditions on the river have changed dramatically. Flows have been cut to 31cfs at Parkton and 87cfs at Glencoe Rd. The water temps have dropped as well to 50 degrees at Parkton and 56 down at Glencoe.

Due to the significant changes in the river, there should be great care made in presentation. The water is clear, cold and low and the fish will be spooky. Good presentation is essential in this case. Drag-free floats and laying the fly down gently will yeild results. Florocarbon leaders will be better in these conditions for nymphing and wets due to their translucency and density. These are almost like Fall conditions and great care should be used.

The fish are probably a little off due to the dramatic changes in a short amount of time. Caddis are hatching and sulphurs, as well. Midges are also a good consideration. The heat of the day will be best as the water temps are so low. BE PATIENT AND TAKE YOUR TIME!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Stream Conditions-June 3, 2009

As of last night, the flows were stabilizing and the temps were warming. Parkton flow was 64cfs and 65 degrees. Glencoe Rd. was 121cfs and 68 degrees. The activity was fantastic!

Evening fishing is continuing to be great with sulphur hatches and spinner falls. Caddis are coming off throughout the day and dry patterns with green bodies are the key. Henryville Specials and olive Elk Hair caddis worked especially in the last hour of light. Spider and other wets continue to work well as emerging sulphurs and drowned spinners.

The smaller fish are active initially and as the day light starts to fade, the bigger fish start in. There is little need to move over distances when things start to happen. Long pools at the tails of riffles come alive with sulphur hatches and/or spinner falls. These areas are localized and prolific. Caddis patterns and dry spinners worked right up until dark. Surface strikes are obvious if fish are taking emergers and more subtle if there is a spinner fall. As of late, it is hard to distinguish whether you are in a fall or a hatch and both happening together make for great fishing.


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