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Monday, March 24, 2008


Daffodils, Quill Gordons and Blue Quills

First, congratulations go out to the Potomac/Patuxant Chapter of TU on this years' One Fly contest. It just so happens that the 1st,2nd, and 3rd place finishers all used spiders (soft hackles) go figure ;)

The Gunpowder has been getting better with each passing day. Fisherman farthest from the dam (think York Rd. and downstream) are having the best days. Warmer water means more insect activity and active fish.

Why mention Daffodils? Well that's simple...when they open we see Quill Gordons and Blue Quills start hatching. These are not heavy hatches like the sulphur but they do hatch thru out the day and fish will take dries presented well. As in most cases wets and spiders or even flymphs worked correctly (upstream) will do the yeoman's work taking trout.

Stop in to see the right patterns, or the right materials to tie your own!

New in the store this week!We are now a full line House of Hardy dealer..not one that "will order" this or that, but we are carrying the Marksman and Demon series rods as well as Marksman, Flyweight, Featherweight, and LRH reels.

Also coming soon Hardy bamboo.House of Hardy is the world's largest maker and seller of fine bamboo in prices that are VERY affordable. The Gladstone rods come three classic tapers, the Leonard, the Garrison, and the Payne. Three to Five weight models. Lengths from six feet, six inches to eight feet.Agate striper and chrome snake guides, swelled cork handle, Flamed bamboo finish and chestnut windings....gorgeous! And best of all you get one of the best bamboo rods ever built for under $2000.00!

Tight Lines and Bright Flies!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Gunpowder River Report 3/05/08

This weekend saw some action on midges and streamers in the upper river. The lower river showed more aggresive fish and soft hackles were the key. Expect to see some stone fly activity with the warmer weather. The fishing is not fantastic yet but it's better with each passing day!

We've been busy in the shop as well stocking many new and exciting items for Fly Fisherman and Tyers....just a little of what we added to maryland's premier Fly Shop this week.

We've expanded our fly tying selection...we believe we are the nation's leader in soft hackle supplies and hooks for tying North Country style flies. We know of no one that has the selection we do under one roof.Also we've expanded dubbing, synthetics,beads...and more, much more.

We will soon be adding "Grip" brand hooks from South Africa, these hooks are really special and will be a nice addition to our selection of Mustads, Tiemcos, Daichii's,Partridge, and Gaelic Supreme's!Great Feathers will be among the first shops in the country to offer these hooks.

I just placed an order for "Carrie Stevens" style saddle me you've never seen anything like these...they are a "blast from the past" and hopefully supply will keep up with the demand we expect when our customers see these for the first time. They are custom dyed by a friend of mine in the mid-west and he's an artist when it comes to material dying!

We are also very happy to now carry Cortland Brook and Big Sky series rods. these rods are amazing to cast, are built with the finest componants, and priced less then 1/2 of other premium rods! Stop by and cast one and see for yourself, we think you'll be as impressed as we are.


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