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Thursday, October 18, 2007 easier!

Well, it looks like the river is coming back down. As of this morning, the flow has been backed off. At last chech, it was at 191 cfs. and falling. Let's hope that they stop above a minimum flow!!
More than likely, the fishing will be a little off due to the conditions changing. Check for the hatches, and see if they are rising. If not, a good bet will be to slap the banks with terrestrials. Foam ants, hoppers, and crickets on the first six feet off of the banks. If they are interested, you will know almost immediately. If that is a no, continue with nymphs and streamers. A tested combo is a stonefly(go big and dark)and hang a soft hackle 6-18 inches behind. Partridge and Herl, grouse and herl, and dark, soft hackle Hares Ear should be money.
Weather is moving this way, so the planets may be in line.

Let us know how they're bitin'!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


North Branch is Kickin'

Having just returned from McHenry, Md, the report for the North Branch of the Potomac is great. Last week, there was a huge release, around 1000 cfs., but it has been cut back to reveal some exellent conditions. The water was still moving at a good clip, 400-ish, but the holes and pocket water were giving back. In the group, there were three fish caught over 20 inches and many more in the high teens.
Flies that were working in the pockets included stones, egg patterns and copper johns. In the holes, caddis and terrestrials were still the go-to flies. The fish were feisty and the rainbows were airing it out! Some amazing aerials were going on.
The "where" was upstream of the parking area about 3/4 of a mile and on the way back.
Reports on the Savage were mixed to say the least. Water temps were up! Not great, but a good midge fisherman should not have too much trouble.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007


October 14th Report

With the Gun running at 299cfs and other area favorite creeks all but devoid of water fishing has been tougher then usual. Our guides have had some very productive days, as well as some good reports from regular customers. Fish are being caught, as always in October the average size is better as they begin to que up for the spawn and get more aggressive. Large nymps in the pockets, soft hackles and nymphs in the runs, and streamers as always in high water,account for most success.

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