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Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 25th
Low flows, clear water and a Silver lining

The conditions on the Gunpowder have been better, but the fish aren't flying south. The flows have been averaging around 28 cfs on the upper river and near 60 cfs closer to Sparks. Clarity is down right perfect. This can be a fisherman's nightmare, but soft hackles and nymphs are working. Due to the clarity and the thin conditions, the fish are spooky and aware. Use better stealth and stay in the shadows to assure that they don't see you stalking them. Presentation is also emphasized during the tougher periods. Keep the drifts drag-free!! Leaves are a constant annoyance this time of year, but the large collections of leaves on the bottom offer solice and great structure to fish. Try fishing the edges of the leaves and you may be pleasantly surprised at the denizens lurking within.
Fly selections recommended are BWO's in 18 to 22 for dries, not to mention the ubiquitous midges. Pheasant tails and hares ear in similar sizes for dredging. Use larger for point flies and hang 16 and 18 soft hackles on the tandem rigs. Partridge and Olive, Grouse and Herl, caddis emerger and CDC wets are productive.
The spawn is imminent and the traditional rules of the stream can be cast to the wind. Fish are pairing up and that makes things really fun! Males are on the make and the females are setting up territories. Streamer fishing is gonna bring results. Buggers, baitfish patterns and sculpins are just a few. Don't shy from gaudy and obnoxious colors and sizes. You might be pleasantly surprised. Quick and erratic strips will get their attention and don't be surprised if they nail it hard!

Come by the store to view the British invasion; Hardy and Grey's are here!


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