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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Stream Conditions-May 24th, 2009

As of this morning, the flows are 68cfs at Masemore with a water temp of 62 degrees and 135cfs at Glencoe with a temp of 66 degrees. Water clarity is great and the conditions are the best they have been in a while.

The river is alive with bugs and the fish have been very cooperative. Tremendous hatches have been seen in the morning and in the evenings. Sulphurs have been prolific! One evening last week, fisherman were witness to a great sulphur hatch combined with a spinner fall. This is a spectacle that is hard to forget. Spinners started descending at about 7:00pm complete with orange egg sacs and the emerging bugs passed them on the way out. Also, green caddis have been numerous throughout.

Dry fly activity has not been great, but sulphur parachutes and green elk hair caddis have worked. In the spinner fall/dun hatch, soft hackles were the best. They look like either an emerger or a drowned spinner. Most of the takes are just below the surface. During the "Blue Bird" middle of the past few days, nymphing with pheasant tails and hares has been the most productive. The high pressure keeps the fish down during the middle of the day and the mornings and evenings have been the best.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Stream Conditions, May 14, 2009

The conditions in the river have improved dramatically in the wake of all of the rains of the past weeks. Falls Rd. is clear, running at 84cfs and water temps are right at 60degrees. Glencoe was dingy, 174cfs and temps around 62degrees. The flows have been dropping progressively for the past few days and the results are making for great fishing.

The sulphurs have started! Reports started coming in last week from the upper river that they were emerging after 7pm. Lower parts of the river are now seeing hatches starting slowly around 5:30 and picking up from there. Surface activity has been fairly limited, but nymphs, wets and soft-hackles have been working exceptionally. Partridge and yellow, sulphur soft-hackles and emergers are the ones. Around Corbett Rd., hatching started around 5:45 and picked up until around 7:30. Rising fish were scarse but the spiders prevailed. Also seen were caddis, grey and olive, crane flies and pleanty of midges. BWO's were also represented.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Stream Conditions- May 7th, 2009

Conditions on the Gunpowder are high but improving. Because we have had a great deal of rain over the past few weeks, the flows have fluctuated pleanty. As of this morning, Falls Rd. was a little dingy and the flow was at 216cfs. The temperature is a balmy 58 degrees. At Glencoe Rd., the flow was at 512cfs and the temperture was 59 degrees. As you can tell from the two photos, the lower river and most all of the smaller streams are mucked with poor clarity and debris.
Due to the influx of rain the flows are stiff and a little more technical than usual. Water coming over the dam will create significant volume on the northern section and great care should be taken if you are wading. Any flows above 200cfs up top should not be underestimated! Please be sure of your footing and respect the water when the conditions are like this. Clarity is not perfect, but the river is very fishable. The bugs are getting more visible and hatches are becoming more prolific. Sulphurs are starting to be seen, but not peaking. Caddis and stones have still being seen and their patterns have been successful. Dries are also getting better attention. Nymphs and wets are still producing great results.
The lower river and the feeder streams are worse due to the vast amounts of run-off. Clarity is in inches. If you are fishing these sections, streamers in dark colors will prompt strikes. Debris in the water will create headaches for any drifts and wading should be done with care. Large logs and sticks have cut loose and can present dangerous obstacles in the water column. Waders should be wary of submerged debris.
The rains should be abating over the next few days and the conditions will improve relatively quickly. The upper river should relax and conditions will be great by the weekend...barring any more sustantive precipitation. When you get to the river, be aware of what is flying before you step in. Surface activity has been improving. Dry caddis have been working but wets and nymphs are still getting the most attention. Grouse and Herl, soft-hackle pheasant tails, hares ear and copper john are the tried and true. Keep the dries handy!


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