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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Stream Conditions-August 7th, 2010

The conditions are relatively unchanged with a small dip in the flow. Parkton gauge is at 49cfs and Glencoe Rd. 96cfs. The water is flowing clear and cold and with the temptation of wet wading in the hot weather, waders are the best bet!

Fishing has been good in the mornings and evenings as long as the heat sticks with us. Overcast days are ideal, but we have not had many to speak of. When we do have afternoon thunderstorms, fishing can pick up after the storm. Terrestrials and other bugs will be washed in from the rain. As is the case, Glencoe tends to get cloudy quickly after a downpour.

Terrestrials are the flies of choice during the heat of the summer. Fishing the edges will get good results as the fish know where they will be falling in. Tricos are still coming off in the evenings and the spinners fall is in the mornings when the trees warm up. The hatches and falls will be localized, so you may have to do some recon. Be patient and use good presentaion.


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