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Monday, November 7, 2011


Stream Conditions- November 7th, 2011

Beautiful fall weather and great flows make for great opportunities. As of this morning, the Falls Rd. gauge read 131cfs and the Glencoe Rd. gauge is 263cfs. The temps are holding in the lower 50's and the clarity is very clear.

The fall weather combined with almost perfect flows offer a great time to fish and to enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year. The fall can make it a bit more challenging due to the leaves that are continuously falling in and moving downstream. Setting on a Sycamore leaf gets the blood up, but is not very gratifying! Rest assured, the fish are below the leaves and do not be affraid to throw caddis and midge dries amongst the leaves. Fall is spawn season and the larger fish are out to sow their oats. This provides an opportunity for  catching the big boys. We emphasize, PLEASE do not fish over the redds!!!!!

The caddis are getting more sporadic, but are still effective. Blue winged olives are more prevalent and especially on the overcast days. Colder water temperatures and clearer water may make it necessary to use longer leaders and florocarbon leaders for subsurface flies. Trout do  get leader shy which can spook them off. By going to smaller diameter leaders in 12 to 15 foot lengths and/or florocarbon, which is deanser but more translucent, you will increase chances for hook ups. Lighter tippets demand a bit more finnese with sets and fighting fish, for obvious reasons.

Streamers are a good bet during this season because the fish can be territorial and strikes come from something foreign crossing through their turf. Buggers, matukas, smaller clousers and rabbit fur streamers are the obvious choices and don't be affraid to use colors that are not the norm, purple, chartreuse, etc. Olives and caddis are good aon the surface, as well as midges. Smaller nymphs, including pheasant tails, copper johns and caddis pupa, are great choices as well as soft-hackles and spider patterns.


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